1. Q: How do I order my child’s photos?

A: There are two ways to order photos.

  1. Use the order envelope sent home with your child. Complete all information on the envelope, enclose payment (Cash, Check, or Money Order), and return it to your child’s teacher by the due date.
  2. (Online orders coming soon) Order online at cjpphoto.com. Please note that online packages and prices are different than those on your school’s order envelope. When ordering or paying for your child’s portraits online you must choose one of the online package options. Your school’s order envelope is not a valid option when purchasing or making payment online.

2. Q: When will my order arrive?

A: Each school sets a date upon which orders are due. Orders will be delivered to the school approximately 3-4 weeks after we collect the order envelopes from the school.

3. Q: I missed the deadline for returning my order envelope back to the school. What are my options?

A: You may either mail the paper order envelope to us at the address on the envelope, or you may order online through June of the current school year.

4. Q: When is the Re-take picture day scheduled?

A: For our Elementary schools the re-take day is usually scheduled 3-4 weeks after the first picture day.

Check with your school office for the specific date. We will send out reminders with information prior to the re-take day.

5. Q: If I have a problem or a question with my order what should I do?

A: Call us at 940-464-7730 or contact us via the Contact Us section of this website.

6. Q: Can I pay for photos of all my children with one check?

A: Yes, please fill in all order forms, and include your check in one of the envelopes. Please make note on the other forms: “Payment in John Doe’s envelope, Grade ___, Teacher __________________.

7. Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: (Online orders coming soon) Cash, Check or Money Order are accepted with paper ordering envelope. If ordering online you may also pay by credit card (M/C, Visa, Discover, and Paypal). Please note that online payment is for online package options only.

8. Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, and do not wish to do retakes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all print products.

Simply return the product to us, along with the reason for return and your contact information, within 30 days for a full refund.

9. Q: My student missed the first picture day. What do I need to do to make sure they get photographed?

A: Please contact your student’s school to see if a retake day will be offered and, if so, the date they will
be taken. Re-take days are at the request of the school and are usually taken 3-4 weeks after the first picture day.

10. Q: How do I obtain my login information?

A: Please email us with the following information using the Contact Us button or by sending an email directly to cjpphotography@live.com.

  1. Your child’s name (first/last)
  2. Name of school
  3. Your child’s grade
  4. Teacher’s name

11. Q: What is the due date for Pictures?

A: Each school sets a date upon which orders are due. Please contact your school for the due date.

12. Q: Can you mail my order to my home instead of delivering it to school?

A: Yes, please include an additional $8.00 for a standard package, and $12 for any large bonus items. Please mark on the form “Mail to home”. Don’t forget to include your home mailing address.

13. Q: How much do you charge to Re-touch my child’s individual photo?

A: We can re-touch your child’s fall or spring individual picture for $8.00. This will include acne removal, removing facial shine, teeth whitening, and face powder. Please write on your order form “Retouch”, and include the additional $8.00. Glass glare will be removed free of charge on all orders.

14. Q: What if I like my child’s first picture instead of the retake picture?

A: You may order the original picture any time during the school year. If you would like the original picture in the yearbook instead of the retake, please call us. If we have already created the yearbook, we will ask you to contact the school, which will have the unused original pictures on file.

15. Q: Are there retakes for Spring pictures?

A: We provide retake pictures for the Fall season only.

"We have used Carl Peet's services for our photography needs at Elkins Elementary for several years. He is a wonderful person to work with, great with our students, staff and parents! He always goes the extra mile to provide us with excellent customer service. I highly recommend CJP Photography!"


Principal - Elkins Elementary